Paisaje rururbano (i.e. Rururban landscape) is an installation presented in an unpublished way at the exhibition of the ‘Ninth Edition of the Auditorium of Galicia Prize for young artists’. Different means of artistic expression: painting, drawing, three-dimensional pieces and video converge in it.


The addressed theme is about the limits of the landscape which are among the countryside and the city, and about the need to come back to the natural space to take a break, walk, contemplate, think… Perhaps looking for a shelter.


In essence, it is a pictorial record -in the expanded field- based on a flâneur experience. The fact of walking and losing yourself as an aesthetic practise, that Francesco Careri emphasises in his book Walkscapes, as a driving force to create. At the same time, surrealistic details played by different characters and their singular actions carried out at the scene are included as a veil of this reinterpretation of the rururban Galician landscape.


The atmosphere of this piece follows the line of the installation Escenas campestres (i.e. Countryside Scenes), specifically created for the exhibition A propósito do debuxo (i.e. Regarding to Drawing) at the Torrente Ballester Centre of Ferrol (Spain). Both pieces are artworks ‘in transit’, that is to say, they mean the step from the individual project Picnic -inaugurated at Trinta Gallery of Santiago de Compostela at the end of 2014- to other territories/series that are in an experimentation process.



Auditorium of Galicia.
Avda. do Burgo das Nacións, s/n, Santiago de Compostela (Spain).
From the 11th of March to September of 2016.
Every day, 10.00 am-2.00 pm and 4.00-7.00 pm.


Paisaje rururbano (i.e. Rururban landscape), 2016.
Pictorial installation.
Dimensions variable.