Since I was a child, I have felt the need to create different things. Early in life, toys, small hand-sewn clothing designs and installations of all kinds. I really loved cutting out and overlaying at that time! At present, my creations have acquired a new dimension, but without losing the essence of the curiosity and intuition about everyday life around me. In fact, the PhD I am developing precisely collects this idea of the ‘extraordinary daily reality’, but it focused on the Social Networks world of the Internet.


‘Any day can be extraordinary, any place can be an atelier, but any gaze doesn’t make daily reality extraordinary’.


What is seemingly unseen becomes the main character at a given time and, when magic is kept, for me it is the subject of inspiration. This is how my pieces are born from a detail, a memory, a gesture…


The fact of experiencing seduces me a lot, and I have always linked it to the concept of installation in which we can accommodate multiple disciplines. I see creation in the expanded field as an ideal. Moreover, whatever the medium in which I express myself at a given time, I think there is always a very particular way of doing things. Each piece is carefully crafted and ‘slow-cooked’. I understand that the little details and filigrees are two of my unique distinguishing features.