2012, ART


‘Sheets of papers and small notes that have been cut are now hanging on the wall, ancient books about mythology, religion, medicine and anatomy; difuminos, pencils of different hardnesses and sizes, well-lit space, some trees and nature on the other side of the window…


That’s how Langdon Graves  creates in the welcoming atmosphere of her studio at home. The place where she even draws with a magnifying glass to achieve the highest perfection, that’s where you can find an insect alive or stuffed as a model to draw. And all this, under the watchful eye and company of Toast. She´s her black kitten which practises as a perfect ‘art studio assistant’ besides sleeping, purring and walking among some of her sculptures and materials stored on site.’



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Wonder Magazine 13
Art_ Langdon Graves by Marta Bran_ pp. 32-39_ November / December_ 2012