2013, ART


‘Last Tuesday, 4th December, Jude Law presented Elisabeth Price with the Tunner Prize 2012 in the Tate Gallery of London in its twenty-eighth edition. A few months now since spotlights have been turned off we ask, who is Elisabeth and why has she been the winner of this prize?


Once again, the emblematic award which is given every year to a British artist under the age of 50 caused expectancy and controversy after the jury’s decision. Since the beginning of 1984, the Turner Prize, which was named after the Romantic painter William Turner, promotes the United Kingdom’s artistic scene. All along this international renown, works like the dead shark which is kept in formol by Damien Hirst or My Bed, by Tracy Emin, have not gone unnoticed for most of the critics and specialized media.’



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Wonder Magazine 15
Art_ Elizabeth Price by Marta Bran_ pp. 30-35_ March / April_ 2013