2012, ART


‘The Asian art scene unfolds its potential. Among the multitude of countries that make up this culture, this way of understanding art, we will make a stop in Thailand.


While this country was experiencing different critical moments at a political and economic level, the creative community has remained strong. Thailand, the smiles’ land and heavenly beaches overcomes, setbacks such as the famous flooding of 2011. Graphics, arts, film, publishing and music are in a total booming. There are many interesting names between the young illustrators: YOS (Yoswadi Krutklom), Tarin Yuangtrakul Ise Ananphada, Unchalee ‘Leee’ Anantawat Jeep Kongdechakul, The Factory Studio & Art House, etc. Eakkarlak Sangtongchai is one of them.



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Wonder Magazine 12
Art_ Eakkarlak Sangtongchai by Marta Bran_ pp. 22-25_ September / October_ 2012