One of my art pieces, from the ‘Conversations with a toast’ collection, has been selected to participate in the first edition of  Lacolect project by Hago Cosas (i.e. I make things). This ceramic of no more than 14 x 14 cm can be seen on the 12th, 13th and 14th of March in the garage of  One Shot Hotels of Madrid. See you at the heart of Barrio de las Letras!


Lacolect was born aiming at gathering a large number of young artists from different parts of Spain in a collective exhibition, fostering the contact with the audience, the media partners and other actors of the art market. We are a total of 50 creators:


, Adrián Goma, 
Alba Pérez Mansilla
, Anónima by cm
, Bárbara Velasco, 
Blanca Del Río Oriol
, Chus Álvarez
, Cristian Rodríguez
, Cristiana Gasparotto, 
Cristina González Martínez
, David De Felipe, 
Elena G. Navarrete
, Elena Gimeno, 
Federico Sposato, Fernando Cremades
, Gabri Solera
, Hugo Nakamura
, Ia Llamozas, 
Irene Navarro, 
Isabel Val
, Juan De Marcos, 
Julia Huete, Julio Cesar
, Mª Consuelo Alcaide
, Manuel Sobreviela, 
María Castilla, 
María Cereijo
, María Coma
, María José García Piaggio
, María Trillo
, Marlene Romero
, Marta Bran, 
Martina Billi
, Mireia Ferron, 
Miriam Garlo, 
Nino Maza
, Nuri Llompart, 
Olaya Pazos
, Olga Pérez, 
Pol Gorezje, 
Roberto Guillén, 
Sandra Heraud
, Santi Ruiz
, Sara Asensio
, Sara Jimeno
, Silvia Lillo
, Stella Sestelo
, Toni Ferrer, Víctor Tenorio F.
 and Virginia Acebal.


Once again Hago Cosas supports young artists who are beginning a more professional journey into the world of contemporary art. After consolidating projects such as  Room Art Fair and  Jäälphoto, Lacolect is their new bet.



Hotel ONE SHOT 23 Parking
C/ del Prado 23, Madrid (Spain).
12th, 13th and 14th of March, 2015. From 11.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
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Conversations with a toast, 2014
Painted ceramics
10,5 x 11,5 x 3 cm (4.1 x 4.5 x 1.18 inches)


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