This week, coinciding with ARCO, I am participating in Drawing Room Madrid -represented by Trinta Gallery– with Elena Blasco and other artists like Jesús Zurita, Tamara Arroyo, Ruth Morán and Santiago Ydáñez.


Drawing Room Madrid is an art fair specialised in contemporary drawing led by the curator and cultural producer Mónica Álvarez Careaga, whose curatorial committee is composed by Ramón Sicart (director of the Sicart Gallery, Barcelona), Juan González de Riancho (director of Siboney Gallery, Santander), Simona Gavioli (curator, Bologna), Susana Sanz (curator, Beijing) and Omar-Pascual Castillo (curator, Berlin and Canary Islands).


From the 24th to 28th of February, unpublished projects by more than thirty artists from different generations are being shown in Drawing Room Madrid. In total, twenty national and international galleries (Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and China) which are betting on a meeting during which to reflect on the most current creation around the drawing field, it being interpreted from different perspectives both inside and outside the space of the fair. In fact, next Sunday there will be a multisensory experience through a ‘flâneur’ walk, proposed by the artist Manuel Rufo, obtaining a drawing as a result, thanks to a mobile geolocation application. So, Drawing Room Madrid is more than a fair, it is an experience with a monographic story-line that gives meaning to any possible route.


For the first time, Drawing Room Madrid has joined the abundant variety of fairs that take place during the week of ARCO. This is a unique project parallel to Art Madrid, JustMad, Room Art Fair, Casa Leibniz, We Are Fair and Otra pXXX feria más. Undoubtedly, Drawing Room opens new paths within the concept of ‘fair’ in our country, taking into account related events such as Art on Paper in New York, Drawing Now in Paris or Amsterdam Drawing among others.


The installation that I have created is based on the characteristics of this fair/exhibition and its title is Escenas campestres #2 (i.e. Countryside scenes #2), which is a continuation of my recent project presented in the exhibition named A propósito do debuxo (i.e. Regarding to Drawing) at the Torrente Ballester Centre of Ferrol (A Coruña, Spain). Escenas campestres #2 (i.e. Countryside scenes #2) is an installation whose main scenario emerges from a small scale forest drawn with pencil on the wall. The celebration of a very special snack is may be intuited in this bucolic location, since it highlights the human presence accompanied by unique insects. The created atmosphere allows us to wander and immerse in each carefully designed detail. For example, there are ceramic pieces in which you can discover hidden drawings, animations inspired by the early days of cinema, gouache on paper… and numerous winks to the History of Art. Among them, there is a clear influence of the Luncheon on the Grass by Édouard Manet. This kind of artwork is the result of years of research around the concept of ‘expanded field’ of the contemporary collage.


Acciones en casa (i.e. Actions at home) is another of my pieces that can be seen and ‘walk through’ at Drawing Room. It is an oil on canvas of almost 3 metres long and 10 centimetres high. The story-line of an action at home -with a strong performative profile- is little by little discovered though a crank mechanism. It is a walk at more than one metre from the ground. It is a very cinematic experience in which sound and time come into play.



Drawing Room
Salamanca district
Velázquez Street, n 12, Madrid (Spain)
From the 24th to 28th of February, 2016.


Escenas campestres #2 (Countryside scenes #2), 2016
Dimensions variable


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