I have been awarded one of the mobility grants of the MAC of A Coruña (Spain) for the Galician creative sector. The project submitted to the competition has the purpose of completing certain points of my doctoral thesis through several research trips to the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto (Portugal). So, during the first quarter of 2015 a series of visits to the Núcleo de Educação Artística, NEA (i.e. Art Education Research Group) of the  Instituto de investigação em Arte, Design e Sociedade, i2ADS (i.e. Art, Design and Society Research Institute) will be carried out.


The Gas Natural Fenosa Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) of A Coruña, among many other things, has supported Galician artists to carry out projects abroad with different programs since its opening in 1995. In addition to this, it also fosters the presence of international artists through residence periods calls during several periods of time throughout the year. Undoubtedly, this is an institution that encourages artistic creation along with citizen participation and integration.



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