Several colleagues from the University of Vigo took part in the Apprentice / Master project 2015 from the 14th to the 18th of September, a meeting place for artists-researchers from 19 faculties of Fine Arts located in different parts of Europe and also one from China.


What is the Apprentice / Master project?


The Apprentice / Master project was created in 2007 by the independent laboratory Kunstpodium T of Tilburg (The Netherlands), with the interest to connect artists-researchers-in-training from different faculties of Fine Arts around Europe. This annual event gathers -during one week- artists chosen by each faculty so they can share their art projects, thus facilitating contact with other artists and international institutions. This meeting promotes the fact of entering the market of the European art, in other words, of taking another step in the professionalisation of the artistic career.


Moreover, this forum for the exchange of portfolios and master lectures, is complemented by the organisation of 26 group exhibitions in leading museums or art galleries of the different regions of origin of the faculties within the project. Each group exhibition brings together five artists and it is never presented in any of their countries of origin. It is curated by a renowned artist from each country, and the 5 artists-researchers-in-training gather according to their stylistic and conceptual affinity. There is a fundamental interest in helping young artists to discovering new latitudes.


Personally, I must say that we will present an exhibition at the POST Gallery in Kaunas (Lithuania) in March of 2016. It is a project curated by the artist Auksė Petrulienė, in which I participate together with the artists Barbora Fastrova (PRG), Maeve Collins (LIM), Iris de Vries (TIL) and Zala Kobe (LJUB).



Day of the Young Artist+
Presentation of portfolios at the Fine Arts Faculty of Tilburg (The Netherlands).
Apprentice/Master. Exhibitions 2015-2016.